Beginner to Advanced

We work with all different fitness levels of all ages. The workouts are designed for the newest member coming straight off the couch to the most advanced that has years of experience. We are able to do this by modifying exercises for individuals who have limitations and progressively work with them to eventually perform the prescribed exercise. We understand everyone can’t do everything. Some days you might workout next to a Pro MMA fighter getting ready for a fight and the next to a 60 year old staying healthy. No matter the level the program has you covered.


In recent years, the number of people looking to achieve their fitness goals with the help of a personal trainer has increased tremendously. Your trainer will assess your movement patterns, assist in progress tracking throughout, and clients can expect an individualized plan/program based on their specific needs and goals. Personal training can be a great way to focus on goals or even get help with setting more specific fitness goals.

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Our small group classes offer a personalized approach, with groups being no larger than six members, you can expect individualized approaches to modifications and tracked progression of each individual. Keeping the class size to a maximum of six members is a cost effective way of receiving  personalized coaching while in a motivating supportive group environment.

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Hybrid Fitness Academy programming is designed to fit the goals of many individuals, from members looking to improve movement quality for lifelong health and wellness to those looking to improve performance for more specific fitness goals. Our programming aims to develop, maintain, and improve the health and wellness goals for a wide variety of populations.

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Our qualified team of coaches have helped train athletes of all ages achieve improved performance specific to their sport, competition, and training goals. A properly designed program can facilitate sport specific progress while minimizing the risk of injury. Whether it is in-season, off-season, or date specific training or coaches have developed and implemented programs to help athletes of many sports improve sport specific movements while meeting their strength and conditioning goals.

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It is never too early to start developing a lifelong love for fitness and implement healthier habits. The Hybrid Fitness Academy’s team of coaches is qualified to assist your teen or young adult in becoming more physically active.Teens who develop healthy habits at a young age are more likely to grow into healthier adults. If your teen is new to resistance training our coaches will ensure that they are properly coached, cued, and confident in the movements necessary for training.

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Members can expect to begin classes with a tailored dynamic warm-up that assists members in being successful in the completion of the specially designed exercises of the day’s workout. Each session is expertly coached by one of our trainers who is well equipped to handle any necessary modifications and adjusts that clients may need individually.

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