The Hybrid Fitness Academy Story

Santos Rosales owner of Hybrid Fitness Academy
Our founder

Santos Rosales

I’m a proud father and husband to my beautiful wife and amazing little boy. Setting the example of being healthy and fit for them is very important to me. I created Hybrid wanting to help people be that example for their family as well. My life of various sports I started my love for fitness when I was preparing to become a Navy Search and Rescue Swimmer. Shortly after my enlistment I began pursuing my passion in MMA while earning my Bachelors degree in Kinesiology with an Emphasis in Exercise Science from Texas A&M Corpus Christi. Throughout my life of challenges these experiences have shaped my approach to training all types of individuals for the last 15 years. I truly believe that our bodies can overcome so many life challenges, but our mindset is what has to change first.

Our coaches

Charlotte Murray coach at Hybrid Fitness Academy

Charlotte Murray

Gym Manager

I am a very enthusiastic wife, mom, motivational speaker, and gym manager who enjoys helping others reach their fitness goals. My hobbies include spending time with family, running, and traveling. I have had the honor of serving as a public-school leader for over 15 years. As a gym manager, I love utilizing my kinesiology and administrative background to help our clients have the best fitness experience. Physical, mental, and emotional health are vital to society; therefore, as a community leader and gym manager, I strive towards fostering an overall healthier community.

Janelly Mendoza coach at Hybrid Fitness Academy

Janelly Mendoza

I’m a personal trainer, fitness coach, & yoga instructor at Hybrid Fitness Academy with a background in Exercise Science.My passion has been helping clients find balance & health through fitness without it being boring or difficult. Daily, I teach H.S. exercise science & kinesiology, coaching wrestling.As a former H.S. athlete, I reconnected with my passion for fitness after becoming a mother & have been studying fitness for 10+ yrs. I truly love what I do, whether I’m coaching H.S. athletes, training clients, or helping a “new to yoga” yogi, I share my enthusiasm & knowledge.

Alain Escobar coach at Hybrid Fitness Academy

Alain Escobar

I aim to inspire my clients to be the best version of themselves and to be confident in their own skin regardless of the background and current situation you are in right now.  A true believer that effort, commitment and attitude will get you anywhere you want to be. I’ve helped over 500 people become powerful and tough in their fitness journey.  My vision is community, positive energy, and forward-thinking wellness.

Terrin Spittle coach at Hybrid Fitness Academy

Terrin Spittle

My name is Terrin Spittle (MR.T) I’m determined and enthusiastic about my work with clients. I began my personal training and group training in the United States Marine Corps as a Force Fitness Instructor. After serving my time in the Marine Corps, I decided to continue driving that same energy and passion for physical and mental health to people outside of the military. With no place in my heart for failure I strive to provide guidance to clients entrusting me with their health. I continued my studies in Kinesiology, Physiology and Nutrition with a training background in CrossFit, Strength and Conditioning and Powerlifting.

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